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Welcome to Artelitho sundials.

Standing sundials, wall sundials and walk-in sundials – valuable decorative pieces  for house walls, gardens, terraces and balconies.

The sundial has lost none of its fascination over the centuries. Today they have more of an aesthetic function and they stimulate people to think about the phenomenon of “time”. Fortunately, there is currently quite a lot of interest in sundials. Some who own a house, a weekend property or a garden want to measure time with the help of the wandering shadow, “experience” it.

Even small sundials on the windowsill, in the conservatory or on the balcony have their charms. Sundials are therefore also an ideal, lasting gift for many occasions throughout the year.

High-quality hand made sundials designed according to your personal wishes.

On average, every single hand-carved Roman numeral and every letter costs around 12 euros, as does every hour-line.

However, I only charge 9.00 euros per letter/number or for any dedication you may wish to emboss.

If you wish an accurate sundial, then please flee the absurd constructs made of brass that are sometimes seen at DIY-shops and hardware stores; spending about 40 pounds sterling for it is too much.

“Blind is he who does not see the sun, foolish is he who does not know it, poor is he who does not thank it. She is the light, she is the good, she is salvation. From her radiates, from her works, from her sends the lord of the senses, the father of being, the life worker.”

Giordano Bruno (1548 – 1600)

Natural stone sundials

I mainly process Bentheim sandstone into sundials. For more than 800 years, this stone has been used as a building material for palaces, castles, churches, wells, troughs and walls. Bentheim sandstone is acid, frost and salt resistant and, with its wonderfully warm colour nuances and diverse design options, is the ideal material for all areas of building and garden art. I was also able to fulfill wishes when Silesian sandstone or Heidelberg sandstone was appropriate.

Treat yourself to something personal made of natural stone while you are still alive.

I wish you always lots of sunshine.

Albert Jan Jansen